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Riding at Badlands, Quad choices.

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Riding at Badlands, Quad choices.  Empty Riding at Badlands, Quad choices.

Post  gungho_1989 on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:38 am

My son and I have been out to Badlands 3 times so far this summer and plan several more visits this year.

Although I did alot of off road biking and 3 wheeling as a kid, this summer is the 1st time in years I have been back out.

I introduced my 8 year old to it as well and he's still real cautious about it but loving it, looking forward to when he starts getting a little braver so we can really ride,

I have a Raptor 660 that I purchased off a co worker that I am having a blast on but am wondering if something a little different might be a better fit for me, I have been eying the Polaris 500 sportsman's and some of the Arctic Cat 4x4's.

I would like to get a Quad that will go the widest variety of places out there and open up the majority of the park to me for riding.

Should I get a Good Utility Quad or stick with the Raptor?


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