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are there any good tech forums for polaris atvs

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are there any good tech forums for polaris atvs Empty are there any good tech forums for polaris atvs

Post  crazzyrman on Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:09 am

i picked up a 2003 polaris sportsman 700 twin over the summer.
after running it for 4 days in WV it came home with some issues that i need to fix & give it a good once over/ pm in general. i'm not fanilar with atvs at all & not much of a mechanic but i have been learning to work on my goldwings, truck & jeep to save on the overpriced shop labor rates that half the time are almost as clueless as me it seems like.
right now i know both u-joints on the rear drive/ prop shaft are shot, both rear wheel bearings have play/ are shot, & both of the rear axle shaft cv joints on the high/ center side have up & down play (were my buddies with grizzlies are firm) & i'm having brake fade issues - the hand brake works great at first & after riding hard using it brifly alot it progressivly gets closer to the grip until its at the grip & barely working, then if i stop using it for a while its works great again.


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