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1997 Yamaha Banshee Heavily Modified in Fort Wayne IN. Axis suspension 4mm stroker motor

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1997 Yamaha Banshee Heavily Modified in Fort Wayne IN. Axis suspension 4mm stroker motor Empty 1997 Yamaha Banshee Heavily Modified in Fort Wayne IN. Axis suspension 4mm stroker motor

Post  fixitrod on Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:38 pm

Well, I hate to do this, but I have to sell my Yamaha Banshee. This has been very modified. It has 1 trip to Dumont California (4 days), 1 trip to Glamis California (4 days), 1 trip to Silver Lake in Michigan (weekend), 1 day at the Badlands and some wheelie rides in front of my house on the motor. I probably would guess hrs on the motor to be 45 - 55 or so. The price is $4500 firm. If you see the mods and extra's going with it you'll see why. I put $2500 in suspension alone. The motor has over $2000 for porting, head, manifold, carbs, filters, etc... I have receipt for the porting and crank work. I can tear motor down for a fee if you want to see inside.

Pictures here...

Headlights removed but I do have some,.
It's scary fast. I had an R1 and I honestly think at take off this pulls as hard. I know it sounds like Bull but Really!

If you search for fixitrod on you will see I have been workin on banshees for a long time and if you look back far enough to our Dumont ride probably 7 or 8yrs ago or more you'll see what this Banshee can do. I quit riding because of health problems about 5yrs ago. It's been sitting since and will probably fire on 2nd kick.

Beyond the mods I have several parts and sand tires that will go with.

1997 stock yellow and red plastics with fenders cut. Much easier to see what your driving around in the woods and it looks better. When your in mud your gonna get dirty with or without fenders.
This is a Stroker Motor Bored only .20 over, 4mm stroker crank (TZ Bearing added for wear and HP (needle bearings instead of ball bearings) with wiseco 795 series pistons on long rods
Custom Axix front and rear shocks with a spare set of springs so you can adjust to your liking or weight. Always serviced by Custom Axis Only. They have about 7 rides on them since last rebuild. Around $2000 just for shocks!
Shocks have remote resivoirs for heat disapation with adjustments withing reach while riding!!!!
Chrome fmf fattys and Chrome silencers
Grand River Racing Ported cylinders
Noss Head custom head (domes custom made by Noss for this motor. I worked with Dan directly if I remember his name correctly. If you know him tell him fixitrod from says hello!)
I have a cut stock head that will be supplied as well for running pump gas. It currently needs 113 octane. I use Klotz.
V-Force Delta 2 reeds and cages
Pod K&N filters with two rides
Steering Damper (with wider A-arms you seem to bump things on the trails or get pulled in ruts on mud or sand. This keeps it straight!!!)
Ricky Stator +2 a-arms
Renthal Bars
shift star mod for super smooth shifting and finding nuetral very easily
barnett dirt digger clutch with 4 rides
hinson clutch basket with 4 rides
35mm pwk carbs
Aluminum intake manifolds
maxxis razr tires on .190 douglas wheels
DiD x ring chain (great chain)
case saver (keeps chain from breaking case if it happens to break) chain slider (eliminates the rolling wheel which always goes bad)
ac front bumper
ac modified pro peg nerfs with pegs moved back 2 inches. People say it feels like a cadillac compared to normal. (Strengthened in front to keep the from sagging or breaking)
short shifter for comfort of moved pegs
relocated coolant bottle (Moved to the front to keep the "Siphon" effect from happening. I had to put coolant in all the time until I moved it. One fill all summer, no worries about overheating)
Temprature gauge
currently 15/41 gearing
-2 swingarm mounted currently
Stock Swingarm included
+ 3 1/4 swingarm (Depends where I'm riding) included
EZ Pull Clutch
That's all I can think of right now.

Included with $4500 purchase of Banshee...

Currently it runs 190 psi with the head and needs 113 octane.
I have a spare head that you can run pump gas and a set of domes for the noss head if you want to run that.
Tons of jets for carbs. Probably $200 worth or more
Front and V style Rear Sand tires. Not the ones pictured
Extra set of springs for Custom Axis shocks front and rear
It has a shortended swingarm on it. I'm including a + 3.25 (dunes and drag(very fun)) and a stock
Clymers repair manual
Few gallons for 113 octane Klotz racing fuel to get you started. It's a fresh 5 gallon ($80). I'll open it when somebody is ready to buy it.
Under body skid plate, not mounted
I have some other stuff... it's all going with.
$4500 firm


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